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AFPI Inertial Spin Series Three STAGE Air Intake Filter/Silencer
Flow Rates To 40,000 SCFM
Efficiencies to 99.98 @ 10 microns

Designed for heavy dirt load environments where contaminates like flyash, dirt, and sand can be a problem for standard air intake filters. The AFPI series greatly increases the service life of second and third stage elements by removing the bulk of the contaminant and discharging it through bleed air duct.


Primary stage

element no. P078

 is a self-cleaning, highly corrosion resistant, polypropylene element providing an efficiency of 98% @ 15 microns.



How It Works

Dirty air enters the filter through the inlet tubes and begins centrifugal motion by contacting spinners. Inertial force causes the air to continue through the filter while the contaminants are separated from the air-stream. The contaminants are removed by suction through a bleed air duct. The suction is provided by a blower providing approximately 10% of inlet flow.


PO78 Inertial Spin element


PO78 Inertial Spin tube

Second stage and third stage elements
Second and third stage elements can be any combination of Industrial Filter Manufacturers high efficiency filters  used in the AFP Single Stage Series, AFP Two Stage Series or AFPA Two Stage series, depending on desired efficiencies.


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